Remove the two plastic fasteners on  the factory inlet, then twist the intake tube off the airbox anti clockwise. loosen the hose clamp on the airbox/flexi tube joint.

Remove the two 6mm screws at the rear of the factory airbox, then remove the airbox. Place your new kustomshop airbox/heat shield in its place.  Now  re-install the 6mm fasteners at the top mounting bracket.

Utilising the 6mm earth strap screw, fasten down the front of the airbox/heat shield. Insert the 3" adapter tube into the flexi tube passing through the shield/box.

Fasten the tube adaptor clamp, then install the pod filter. Be sure to double check all fittings/fasteners for correct fitment are tight. It is recommended that all box/shield fastening points are installed before any tightening is applied.

Fitting instructions