Stage 3 Front Mount Intercooler Kit for the Ford BA/BF Falcon includes a 500 x 425 x 100mm bar &, plate intercooler core, which is the largest and most efficient intercooler for the BA/BF Falcon on the market today. This allows for smooth flow and effective cooling of the charge air entering the engine. Along with mandrel bent aluminium piping this Front Mount Intercooler Kit offers cooling performance for the Ford BA/BF Falcon. The kit comes complete with 2.5 inch hot side intercooler piping, 3 inch cold side intercooler piping and our very unique throttle body relocation kit. Included in the kit is all the necessary silicone joiners and appropiate stainless steel hose clamps.

Core Size: 500 x 425 x 100mm Bar &, Plate Intercooler Core

CNC Mandrel Bent Powdercoated Aluminium Intercooler Piping to Throttle Body

Includes throttle body relocation kit and wiring patch loom

Silicon Hose Joiners &, Stainless Clamps.

Intercooler Kit Ford Falcon BA/BF Stage 3 (BLACK COOLER).